In the beginning: During the closed season of the Oxford Brookes University football season in July 2004, a few players started playing some friendly games of cricket for Holton Cricket Club. One Saturday, we were informed that the opposition side for the following day had pulled out and that the game was off. It was suggested to the Holton Captain that we could get a side together to provide opposition with Holton instead. The Captain agreed and so it began…

The origin of ‘Cairns Fudge’: We now needed a name for our cobbled together team and a flash of inspiration came from Sky Sports News; CHRIS CAIRNS, the all action New Zealand all rounder had retired from Test Cricket to go and run a family fudge business called Cairns Fudge Ltd in New Zealand. So CAIRNS FUDGE CRICKET CLUB was born.

CFCC have gone from strength to strength. Cup champions, stars of Sky Sports TV. CFCC the movie beckons. Over the years, more and more old boys have relocated to London. Through lack of talent, lack of fitness and bad attitudes these lads weren’t quite good enough for the Oxford team any more so we set up a London franchise of the mighty Fudge. Not as mighty though. Like a less talented sibling, Paul Ross to Jonathan Ross,  Danni to Kylie, Emilio Estevez to Charlie Sheen, if you are never going to be as good you might as well revel in your mediocrity. We aren’t good enough to be mediocre though. The Fudge way: Play to win, don’t take yourself seriously and give everyone a go.

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